About the Doctor

Dr. Moore

11012 North Radio Station Road, Seneca, SC 29678

Practicing General Dentistry in Seneca since 1970, Ronald R. Moore, D.M.D. provides professional, experienced, compassionate care ranging from cleanings to cosmetic dentistry.
  • 1964 - BS, Pre-Medicine, Clemson University
  • 1970 - Doctor of Dental Medicine, University of Kentucky
  • 1970 - Began practice of General Dentistry in Seneca and served on the Clemson University faculty as an Assistant Professor of Bio-Engineering
  • 1980 - Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry
  • 1995 - Masters, Academy of General Dentistry

You may know Dr. Ronnie Moore because of his "Family Dentistry" sign on Radio Station Road. You may know him because he's cared for your teeth. But, most likely you know him as your neighbor, a member and leader of your club, civic or professional organization. A native of the Clemson-Calhoun area, he has been a resident of Oconee County for more than thirty years.

You already know Dr. Ronnie Moore and you've seen his work on thousands of smiling faces in and around Seneca. All those smiling faces love the personal care, the comfortable chair and the casual conversation. But most of all, they feel confident in Dr. Ronnie Moore's gentle hands and his knowledge of the most advanced dental techniques.
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